Cundiff Rural School Yearbook
Jack County Texas

(1941 Only - 41 Pages - 137 Names in Index)

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1894 ad and 1918 news about new school building. Click to enlarge.

Thank you to the Gladys Johnson Ritchie Library
in Jacksboro for having this book scanned and for letting us use it

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Person or Item         Type of Picture        Year-Page Number

1941 "Dogie" Cover      Picture of Cover      1941-Pg-0001
6th Grade Poem      6th Grade      1941-Pg-0035
A Grades Student List      List      1941-Pg-0061
Alexander & Bass, Chico      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Boley, L.E., Mrs.      Faculty Picture      1941-Pg-0013
Boys Track Team      Group Picture      1941-Pg-0057
Buckhorn Café, L.E. Boley, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
E.W. Whitakers General Merchandise & Gas, Cundiff      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Girls Volley Ball Team      Group Picture      1941-Pg-0057
Gleason, Betty L.      1st Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0053
Gleason, Betty Lou      1st Grade List      1941-Pg-0051
Gleason, Betty Lou      A Grade List-1st Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Gleason, William      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0039
Gleason, William      Signed 5th Grade Name      1941-Pg-0041
Gleason, William      A Grade List-5th Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Graves, Billie      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0039
Graves, Billie Marie      Signed 5th Grade Name      1941-Pg-0041
Graves, Bobbie Lee      2nd Grade List      1941-Pg-0051
Graves, Bobbie Lee      2nd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0053
Graves, Bobbie Lee      A Grade List-2nd Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Graves, Hazel Lee      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0025
Guinn, Geraldean      3rd Grade List      1941-Pg-0047
Guinn, Geraldine      3rd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0049
Guinn, James      3rd Grade List      1941-Pg-0047
Guinn, James M.      3rd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0049
Guinn, Rita Fae      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0039
Guinn, Rita Fae      Signed 5th Grade Name      1941-Pg-0041
Guinn, Willie J.      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0027
Haire, Betty Sue      3rd Grade List      1941-Pg-0047
Haire, Betty Sue      3rd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0049
Haire, Joe Edwin      3rd Grade List      1941-Pg-0047
Haire, Joe Edwin      3rd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0049
Haire, Joe Edwin      List of not Tardy or Absent      1941-Pg-0061
Hatchell, Jack      Drawing      1941-Pg-0007a
Hicks, Janie L.      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0025
Hill, Herman      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0025
Hufhines, J.B.      1st Grade List      1941-Pg-0051
Hufine, J.B.      1st Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0053
Jacksboro Flower Shop      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Jacksboro Gazette      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Johnson Bros. Polled Herefords, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Kerr, R.M.      Principal Listing      1941-Pg-0011
Kerr, R.M.      Faculty Picture      1941-Pg-0013
Lane, Bobbie R.      7th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0033
Lane, Rex      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0025
Lane, Roy F.      Board of Trustees List      1941-Pg-0011
Lewis, Elzie      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0045
Lewis, Roy      Board of Trustees List      1941-Pg-0011
List of Students not Absent or Tardy      List      1941-Pg-0061
Long, Dessie      Signed 5th Grade Name      1941-Pg-0041
Long, Dessie      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0043
Long, Joyce      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0045
Long, Joyce      A Grade List-4th Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Long, Rubye      Sophomore Picture      1941-Pg-0021
Martin, Roy W.      7th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0033
Martin, Roy Wayne      A Grade List-7th Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Mattox, Jack      Signed 5th Grade Name      1941-Pg-0041
Mattox, Jack      List of not Tardy or Absent      1941-Pg-0061
Mattox, Jack R.      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0039
McClurkin, Dian      7th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0033
McClurkin, Selba      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0043
McDonald, Ilene      6th Grade      1941-Pg-0035
McDonald, Ilene      6th Grade Picture Missing      1941-Pg-0037
McDonald, Lois      5th Grade Picture Missing      1941-Pg-0045
Meeks, Eschol L.      Dedication Picture      1941-Pg-0005
Mitchell, Eddie Mack      3rd Grade List      1941-Pg-0047
Mitchell, Eddie Mack      A Grade List-3rd Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Mitchell, Joe      1st Grade List      1941-Pg-0051
Mitchell, Joe      1st Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0053
Mitchell, Mage      3rd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0049
Mitchell, Pat      6th Grade      1941-Pg-0035
Mitchell, Pat      6th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0037
Moody, Clyde      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0043
Moody, Dorthy      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0043
Moody, Virgie W.      2nd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0053
Moody, Virgie Wayne      2nd Grade List      1941-Pg-0051
Morrow, Cliff      Board of Trustees List      1941-Pg-0011
Morrow, Mae Dell      Sophomore Picture      1941-Pg-0021
Morrow, Maxine      7th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0033
Morrow, Nettie L.      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0043
Morrow, Nettie Lue      Signed 5th Grade Name      1941-Pg-0041
Mowery, Lynn T.      7th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0033
Mowery, Lynn Tunney      List of not Tardy or Absent      1941-Pg-0061
N. Thompson, Grocery, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Nichels, O.W.      Board of Trustees List      1941-Pg-0011
Nichols, J.T.      3rd Grade List      1941-Pg-0047
Nichols, J.T.      3rd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0049
Page, Eldon      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0027
Pat's Steam Laundry, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Peterson-Hayes Lumber, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Price, Cecil      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0027
Pruitt, Winfred      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0045
Reed, Don E.      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0025
Rogers, Billie Ray      2nd Grade List      1941-Pg-0051
Rogers, Billie Ray      2nd Grade Picture Missing      1941-Pg-0051
Rogers, Bobbie      7th Grade Picture Missing      1941-Pg-0031
Rural High School Building      Picture of Building      1941-Pg-0005
S.H. Curtner, Chico      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Signed 5th Grade Names      5th Grade      1941-Pg-0041
Smith, Alva Dean      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0027
Soloman, O.W.      Board of Trustees List      1941-Pg-0011
Southerland, C.T.      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0027
Southerland, C.T.      List of not Tardy or Absent      1941-Pg-0061
Southerland, Hamilton      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0039
Southerland, Hamilton      Signed 5th Grade Name      1941-Pg-0041
Southerland, W.B.      Sophomore Picture      1941-Pg-0021
Southerland, W.B.      A Grade List-9th Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Spears' Drug Store, Jacksboro      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Stephens & Truitt Lumber, Chico      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Stiles Oil      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Tipton, Neely W.      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0045
Tipton, Neely Warren      A Grade List-4th Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Tipton, Neely Warren      List of not Tardy or Absent      1941-Pg-0061
Tipton, Peggy      6th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0037
Tipton, Peggy Joyce      6th Grade      1941-Pg-0035
Tipton, Peggy Joyce      A Grade List-6th Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Tipton, Peggy Joyce      List of not Tardy or Absent      1941-Pg-0061
Tipton, Ralph      Board of Trustees List      1941-Pg-0011
Tipton, Shirley      1st Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0053
Tipton, Shirley Ruth      1st Grade List      1941-Pg-0051
Tipton, Shirley Ruth      A Grade List-1st Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Townley Effie      6th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0037
Townley, John      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0025
Townley, Margaret      5th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0043
W.C. Bass & Son Grocery & Feed, Chico      Advertisement      1941-Pg-0071
Weatherford, Gloria Dell      3rd Grade List      1941-Pg-0047
Weatherford, Gloria Dell      3rd Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0047
Weatherford, Kenneth      7th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0033
Weatherford, Marvin      Sophomore Picture      1941-Pg-0021
Whitaker, Ernest B.      County Superintendent Listing      1941-Pg-0011
Whitaker, Lena Mae Caruthers      Faculty Picture      1941-Pg-0013
Woolsey, E.M.      Board of Trustees List      1941-Pg-0011
Woolsey, Pete      6th Grade      1941-Pg-0035
Woolsey, Wanda      Freshman Picture      1941-Pg-0027
Woolsey, Wanda Lousie      A Grade List-8th Grade      1941-Pg-0061
Woolsey, Weldon      6th Grade Picture      1941-Pg-0037
Woolsey, Weldon Odell      A Grade List-6th Grade      1941-Pg-0061

1941 Cundiff School Yearbook
Images of 41 Pages

(There were 76 pages in this book, but the back side of every page was blank. These are not included below)
(Some parts of pages were faded. I darkened those parts to be able to read them.)
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