Old Jack County Texas Newspapers
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The Gladys Johnson Ritchie Library 
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Jacksboro TX 76458


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The University of North Texas, Denton TX
Texas Digital Newspaper Program (TDNP)
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One copy of The Flea (1869) is on page:
The Frontier Echo (1875-1878):
Jacksboro Gazette (1889-1946): https://texashistory.unt.edu/search/?sort=date_a&start=0&fq=str_title_serial%3AThe+Jacksboro+Gazette
The Jacksboro News (1904-1918)
Jacksboro Gazette-News (1947-2013):
Jack County Herald (2010-2014): 

 PDFs of recent Jacksboro papers are available at: 
Jacksboro Newspapers
212 N. Church
PO Drawer 70
Jacksboro, Texas 76458
Phone: (940) 567-2616


Brief Outline History of Old Jack County Newspapers
Year Paper Name Owner Notes Articles Below We Have
1860-1860 The White Man Harris A. Hamner In Oct the paper sold and moved to Weatherford About H.A. Hamner None
1869-1869 The Flea H.H. McConnell Soldier at Fort Richardson. Wrote 5 Years a Cavarlyman History Article

Drug Store Picture

1 issue of 6 published & some quotes from book
1875-1878 The Frontier Echo R. Chandler - sold to
Gen. George W. Robson in Oct
G.W. Robson was secretery of Cattleman's Asso. In 1883 History Article 1875-1878
1880-1883 Thre Rural Citizen J.N. Rogers   History Article None
1883-1910 The Jacksboro Gazette J.N. Rogers Name of paper changed About J.N. Rogers & History 1889-1910
1894-1901 The Jacksboro News Simpson & Groner   History Article None
1901-1917 The Jacksboro News Thomas Meriwether Marks Was also county agent and started 4H About Tom Marks 1904-1917
1910-1919 The Jacksboro Gazette J.N. Rogers & Co. Paper Owned by 2 daughters after the death of J.N. History Article 1910-1918
1917-1918 The Jacksboro News W.B. McComb Merged with the Gazette after 2 years History Article 1917-1918
1920-1946 The Jacksboro Gazette James Robert Dennis - part owner His wife and son ran the paper until 1970 History Article 1920-1970
1923 The Jacksboro Gazette H.E. Dennis - part owner Brother of J.R. Dennis buys out Alice & Joanna Rogers History Article 1923
1947&48 The Jacksboro Gazette-News Name of paper changed in 1947 1948 Paper moved into a new building  History of Location 1948-1970

Some Newspaper History Articles Below
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H.A. Hamner.jpg (2285873 bytes)
The White Man - Harris A. Hamner

1917 Rogers & Newspaper History.jpg (4957612 bytes)
History & J.N. Rogers & The Flea by H.H. McConnell

McConnell Drug Store.jpg (749166 bytes)
H.H. McConnell's Drug Store in Jacksboro

Newspaper History pg42.jpg (1261298 bytes)
History & The Frontier Echo by Gen. George W. Robson

1930-05-29-pg01 Paper History.jpg (7134376 bytes)
History, J.N. Rogers, His Daughters, & J.R. Dennis

Tom Marks Picture.jpg (542249 bytes)  JackCoHist -pg093.jpg (3548123 bytes)  JackCoHist -pg094.jpg (2877588 bytes)
Tom Marks & The Tom Marks Corn Club

1916 Tom Marks Leaves.jpg (3361883 bytes)
Tom Marks Leaves & W.B. McComb buys The Jacksboro News

1923 Dennis Buys Paper.jpg (1619819 bytes)

H.E. Dennis buys the interest of Alice & Joanna Rogers and becomes half owner with his brother.

1948 Move.jpg (1646273 bytes)   1948 Building.jpg (933663 bytes)
1948 The Jacksboro Gazette-News moves into a new building.
The first article gives the locations of the newspaper through the years.