Rural Jack County Schools
Newspaper Clippings of Teacher/Trustee Directories

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The first clippings are of a map that was in the 
1906 Jacksboro Gazette
The others are all 'Teacher/Trustee Directories' 
that were published for some years.

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1906 School Districts.jpg (5082112 bytes)  1906 School Dist Map.jpg (15403075 bytes)
1906 Jack County School District Map.
(The first map has teachers names at the bottom)
(The second map is the same map, but has had the district names added.)

1910 County School Directory.jpg (5083924 bytes)
1910-1911 School Directory

1911 County Teacher Directory.jpg (4933202 bytes)
1911-1912 School Directory

1915 School Directory.jpg (4689690 bytes)
1915-1916 School Directory

1917 School Directory.jpg (5036837 bytes)
1917-1918 School Directory

1918 School Directory.jpg (4881261 bytes)
1918-1919 School Directory

1920 School Directory.jpg (4797373 bytes)
1920-1921 School Directory

1921 School Directory.jpg (4777650 bytes)
1921-1922 School Directory

1922 School Directory.jpg (4861534 bytes)
1922-1923 School Directory

1926 School Directory.jpg (5015344 bytes)
1925-1926 School Directory

1927 School Directory.jpg (5738412 bytes)
1926-1927 School Directory

1938 Teachers.jpg (3935641 bytes)
1938 School Directory

1939 TeachersDirectory.jpg (3948570 bytes)
1939 School Directory

I may have missed some.
There may be more to come when I do the newer newspapers.